What’s Your Story?

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Everybody loves a good story. A good story has magic powers. It can transport the reader or listener to different worlds. It can move people to profound reflection. It can even change lives. All of human existence is one continuous story. Indeed, civilization has been shaped by one story after another.

Yes, we all love good stories. People respond to good stories. Stories are part of the human experience. It’s how we learn and pass knowledge and morality on to our children. The most popular literature, movies, TV shows and even music succeed because they tell captivating stories. Successful politicians get elected because they tell a story that voters can relate to. When we watch or listen to the latest news, they call them news “stories.” 

In every great story, a hero faces a circumstance he or she didn’t choose in order to overcome a challenge in their world and in themselves. We connect because we see ourselves on the page or on the screen. The same is true in your business.

The magic of storytelling

Storytelling in Marketing

Storytelling is a key component in good marketing content. It first engages your potential customers, keeping them on your website, email or social media post, and then persuades them to buy your products and services.

A good story:

  • Strikes an emotional chord with your audience.
  • Presents a path toward the elimination of pain and frustration.
  • Inspires the audience to action.
  • Stays in the audience’s memory.

A powerful story shows them how your company can solve their problems.When your marketing content includes great stories, your audience can imagine how much better their lives would be if they used your products or services. Remember, a potential customer’s experience with you is a journey; really, his or her own story.

Types of Stories

There’s a lot of online advice about storytelling in marketing, and depending on what you read, there are many different types of stories you can tell. Here are a few that I like, courtesy of North Star Messaging and Strategy:


An Origin Story tells the journey of your company. It tells your audience how you are similar to them, how far you’ve evolved, who you serve.


An Expertise Story demonstrates your experience in a memorable way. It tells your audience why you’re qualified to do the work you do, that can provide the results they’re looking for, and the products, services, processes and systems you’ve created to adapt to your audience’s needs.


An Innovation Story differentiates you from your competitors, It describes for your audience the unique qualities of your products and services, how you meet customers’ needs and how you offer new opportunities.


Influence Stories describe the impact you and company have had on others, how your company has increased its influence, and the potential long-term ROI of working with you.

The Purpose Story

A Purpose Story shares your vision for your customers, your company, and maybe even the world.

Tell Your Story

Your website should tell a story. Your marketing campaign should tell a story. Every email, blog post, white paper, even software user assistance should tell a story.

So what’s your story? Let me help you tell it.

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